3 Facts About Tummy Tucks

Posted on: 30 January 2020


Skin is elastic. When you gain or lose a small amount of weight gradually, your skin will expand or contract to accommodate it. However, it is possible to stretch your skin past the point where it can recover. If you gain or lose a large amount of weight or if your weight changes very quickly, you can end up with loose skin. Loose skin won't go away on its own, unfortunately. Many people are bothered by loose skin because it can give the appearance of a thicker waist and change the way your clothes fit. You may even be self-conscious to let people see your stomach. If you have loose skin that you're unhappy with, a tummy tuck can help. Here are three things you should know about a tummy tuck procedure.

1. You should wait until your weight stabilizes.

If you'd like to get a tummy tuck, you should wait until after your weight has stabilized. If you plan to lose more weight, you should try to reach your weight loss goal first. This will ensure that your tummy tuck procedure produces the best results. If you'd like to get a tummy tuck postpartum, your doctor will likely recommend that you wait until you're finished having children. Additional pregnancies may stretch out your skin further, and a tummy tuck may increase your risk of developing stretch marks.

2. Your doctor can fix diastasis recti.

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles naturally spread out to accommodate your growing uterus. After pregnancy, your abdominal muscles should gradually return to their previous positions. In some cases they do not, leading to a condition called diastasis recti. Diastasis recti can cause loss of core strength, and many women find it painful. During a tummy tuck, your doctor can reposition your abdominal muscles, moving them back into the correct position. This can have functional as well as aesthetic benefits.

3. Your stretch marks can be reduced.

During a tummy tuck, your doctor will excise your extra skin. They will pull the remaining skin taut and stitch it in place. Many people who suffer from loose skin also have stretch marks as a result of their skin expanding over time. Your stretch marks can be reduced through a tummy tuck. Any stretch marks that are present on the skin that is excised will be removed from your body, which can even the appearance of your skin tone.

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