FAQs About Dying Your Hair For The First Time

Posted on: 25 February 2020


It can be fun to get your hair dyed at a salon for the first time. Salon dyes are vibrant and tend to last longer than store-bought ones. With a professional dye job, you'll be able to cover up any gray hairs evenly, and you won't have to worry about messing up like you might with over-the-counter products. Here are some questions you might have about dying your hair for the first time.

Should You Shampoo Your Hair After Dying It?

No! According to Good Housekeeping, you shouldn't shampoo your hair for about 72 hours after it's dyed. It takes a few days for your cuticle layers to close and seal in the dye. If you use shampoo too early, then you could fade or wash out a lot of the dye, which not only destroys your chosen color but also washes money down the drain that you spent on the salon.

When It's Okay to Shampoo Again, How Can You Avoid Frizzy Hair?

Some people notice that their hair is frizzy immediately after their salon visit. In order to dye your hair, it will be stripped of most of its natural oils. If you used to wash your hair every day, you may want to adjust to an every-other-day schedule. Also before you dye your hair, you should have the stylist trim any dry split ends since unhealthy hair can contribute to the frizzy look after dying. Lastly, consider the water you are using to wash your hair. If you live in an area with hard water, you may want to use a softener so that the minerals in hard water don't dry out your hair even more and cause frizziness.

How Many Shades Darker/Lighter Can You Go?

While you can do just about any color, it's a good idea to only go one or two shades lighter or darker during your first dye. If you apply a color that is way too light or way too dark, you may have hair that looks uneven or discolored. It's easier to build up shades in the future once your hair has been dyed once. Also, you may be surprised at how dramatic the results are with one or two shades, so it's safer to make smaller adjustments the first time so you aren't upset if the color isn't what you expected.

To get more answers to your hair dye questions, reach out to a hair coloring specialist in your area today for more information.