4 Different Types Of Bikini Waxes

Posted on: 27 February 2020


Savings around your private area on a daily basis can really eat into your morning shower time, not to mention having to deal with the occasional razor burn. If you are tired of shaving, then it is time to try out some bikini waxing. When people talk about bikini waxes, they are referring to the general name for the procedure. The truth is that there are multiple different types of bikini waxes that you can get; before you head to the salon, it can be helpful to know what kind you want.

Type #1: Classic Bikini Wax

First, there is the classic bikini wax. With the classic bikini wax, just the hair that you would be able to see if you were wearing a bikini is waxed. This is the hair that is more on the outer edge of your private area. With this type of waxing, there will be hair left above the vaginal area. This area is often referred to as a landing strip, although that hair can be shaped into different styles.

Type #2: Mini Brazilian

The term mini Brazilian can be easy to misunderstand, as a mini Brazilian involves the removal of more hair than a classic bikini wax. With a mini Brazilian, all the hair around your vaginal area is completed removed. Wax is used to remove all the hair around your vaginal area so that there is nothing left.

Type #3: Full Brazilian

A full Brazilian is when you don't just remove the hair that is around your bikini and vaginal area, you remove all the hair around your behind area as well. With this type of waxing, expect things to get a little up close and personal. You are going to have to lift one leg and then the other or get on all fours for your beautician to properly wax your backside.

Many people don't even notice the hair on their backside, but if you want to go hair-free everywhere, this is a good option. This is also a good option if you have dark hair on your backside.

Type #4: Brazilian Plus

Finally, there is the Brazilian plus, which is designed for individuals who have a happy trail that runs down their stomachs. With this wax job, you get everything waxed as mentioned above, plus your happy trail as well.

If you want to get rid of the hair around your private parts, you are going to need to go in for a bikini wax. You can keep it simple and just get a bikini wax, or you can clear things out down there with one of the three types of Brazilian waxes described above. Your technician will walk you through the process.

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