Getting Hair Extensions

Posted on: 26 August 2020


Hair extensions are a way to get longer hair without having to wait for it to grow out. They are attached to your natural hair to give you that added length. Here, learn about your options and why you should try hair extensions. 

Types of Hair Extensions

  • Weave: A weave hair extension is when the extensions are sewn and weaved around your existing hair. This kind of hair extension is good for people with thick or curly hair. It can pull too hard on thin or fine hair.  
  • Fusion Application: A fusion hair extension uses heat to bond individual strands of hair to your hair. This method is best for long-lasting extensions, but it is the most expensive option. 
  • Tape: A tape hair extension is when extra hair is added with adhesive to the roots of your hair. This method is affordable and can be redone using the same hair after a few weeks. 

Why Get Hair Extensions?

  • A Fun Change: You may be bored with your look, and you might just need some kind of change to liven things up. Hair extensions are an easy fix that is less permanent than dying your hair pink or cutting it off. 
  • Added Length for a Special Occasion: Maybe you are getting married or going to prom and want long luxurious tresses; hair extensions are the answer. Many people get extensions for a special event. 
  • Long Hair Without the Wait: Maybe you just want long hair and don't have the patience to wait months (or years) for it to grow out. Hair extensions offer a simple solution right away.

The Process

Depending on the method of hair extensions you choose, your time at the salon can range from one hour to several hours. First, your stylist will help you choose your method. Different stylists or salons usually specialize in one or more of the methods. Then, your stylist will help you pick out the extension that you want. Try to match your hair as much as possible for a natural look. Then, the stylist will prep your hair and apply the extensions. Sometimes, a stylist might dye your hair or trim it to fit more naturally with the extensions. 

How to Maintain Hair Extensions

Once you have hair extensions, you need to take care of them, so that they last as long as possible. You should be careful when you wash your hair and comb the extensions. Quickly blow dry extensions that have been applied with adhesive so the glue won't dissolve. You may want to wear your hair in a loose braid when you sleep to keep it from becoming tangled.