Hair Styling Tips For People With Frizzy Fly-Aways

Posted on: 9 November 2020


Do you feel like no matter how you style your hair, you always have some frizzy fly-aways that make it appear messy and unkempt? You're not alone. This is a common complaint among many people with dry and thin hair. Luckily, there are a few styling tips you can follow to help diminish the frizziness and fly-aways, leading to a more sleek, tamed look.

1. Use a heavier conditioner.

There are a lot of "lightweight" conditioners on the market today. However, if you are someone with frizzy, fly-away hair, these lightweight conditioners are not for you. Instead, you should use a heavier conditioner that is specifically recommended for frizzy hair. You should see some improvement after just one use, and if you continue to use the conditioner, your hair should get less and less frizzy over time.

2. Style your hair when wet.

As someone with frizzy hair, you should aim to style it when wet, not when dry. Styles that you can achieve while your hair is at least still partially damp are likely to stay in place a lot longer. It can be comparably harder to comb your hair into a style when it is dry and frizzy.

3. Turn the heat down on your blow dryer.

If you blow-dry your hair, whether regularly or on occasion, turn the temperature down. If your hairdryer has cool, warm, and hot settings, try using the cool one. On a cold winter morning, you can use a warm setting, but don't go to the hot one. Heat dries hair out more than is necessary and can make frizziness worse over time.

4. Use a comb, not a brush.

When styling your hair, use a comb rather than a brush as often as possible. Combs do less damage to hair. They do not pull on it and cause as many split ends, and they do not introduce as much static, which definitely makes frizzy hair worse.

5. Have your hair trimmed more often.

Split ends only make frizziness more obvious. If you have your hair trimmed more often, these split ends will be removed before they have a chance to move up the hair shaft and cause an even more frizzy look. Try to have your hair trimmed every few months.

The tips above are sure to be helpful for anyone with frizzy hairs and fly-aways. For more advice, reach out to a hair styling service.