How To Choose The Best Hair Color For Warm Undertones

Posted on: 15 September 2021


If you have gone through the steps to assess your skin undertones, there is a good chance you have found you have warm undertones. The warmth in your skin means that certain colors look best against your skin.

If you are changing up your style, now might be a good time to consider hair color. These are some of the colors you might consider with your warm undertone.

Cool Black

No matter the tone of your skin, you can find a black color that works with your undertones. A cool black color looks great with warm undertones. You'll create contrast with an espresso black or blue-black color if you have fair skin, and true black looks great on those with darker skin colors as well.

It is important to be careful with the black hair color. Black can be an intense color, and it is important that you are sure about the change.

Warm Brown

If you have medium skin that is warm, you might consider a warm brown color. Warm brown shades that will work with your undertones include mahogany and honey brown. Any brown with a golden tint will work well. Caramel colors are also great for those who have warm skin as well, whether you choose caramel highlights or a total overhaul of your natural color.

Avoid brown colors that have ash-colored hints. Stick with colors that have several layers of brown rather than brown-blonde mixes when possible.

Shimmery Reds

Golden reds are also great options. You will look great with a cinnamon red, golden auburn, or shimmery coppery shade. If you have freckles or a fair complexion, red can be an especially fitting choice.

When you have warm skin, you should avoid reds with a more violet or purple tone. You should also avoid ashy reds.

Golden Blondes

Golden blonde colors look fantastic with warm skin undertones. You can also consider caramel blonde colors in addition to champagne and honey blondes.

There are also some blonde colors you should avoid, including platinum colors and those with ashy tones. They may look harsh against the golden tone of your skin.

Get a New Hair Color Today

Are you interested in getting a new hair coloring treatment? Now is a great time to make sure that your hair looks great with your skin tone. Make a hair color appointment today to get the right look for your skin tone.