Tips To Open Your Winterized Hot Tub

Posted on: 5 January 2022


After a long, cold winter trapped indoors, you are probably ready to head outside and enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. This includes your hot tub. Now that you are ready to enjoy your hot tub again, it is important to properly open up and prepare your hot tub before you jump in. Here are a few simple tips to help you open up your hot tub after winter.

Remove the Covers

Depending upon the type of hot tub you have, you will have different types of covers you will need to remove. For example, you may have a thermal cover and a hot tub cover, if you left water in your spa over the winter. Remove both covers, clean the covers with your garden hose and water, allow them to dry, and store them in a cool, dry place.

If your hot tub only had a cover and was not filled with water, remove the cover, clean it, allow the cover to dry, and store it. While cleaning the covers, check for any damage. A severely damaged cover should be replaced before next winter.

Clean Out the Shell and Filter

Examine the shell and filter. Look for any signs of damage, and if you notice any damage to the filter or cracks in the shell, contact a professional immediately to have the issue resolved before you continue. If there is no damage, begin by using a submersible pump to eliminate any water. Next, clean off the shell with a product designed for use on the acrylic.

Do not use abrasive or all-purpose cleaners, as these can scratch or damage the shell. Clean or replace the hot tub filter. Check all the fittings and valves to ensure they are not cracked and damaged.

Fill Your Hot Tub and Make Sure the Unit Turns On

Finally, once your hot tub is clean, it is time to fill the unit with water. As the hot tub begins to fill, you might notice small cracks or damage to the jets that you didn't see while cleaning the tub. Stop filling the tub and contact a professional if this occurs. If there is no damage and the hot tub fills, go ahead and turn the unit on.

Allow the hot tub to run for several minutes and if there are no issues, go ahead and enjoy your first soak of the season.

Taking the proper steps before starting your winterized hot tub in spring will help ensure the unit is not damaged and is ready for you to enjoy all summer long.