3 Tips For Your First Keratin Hair Treatment

Posted on: 26 August 2022


Getting a keratin hair treatment should be at the top of your beauty wish list if you are interested in having smoother and healthier-looking hair. Keratin hair treatments smooth out your hair, leaving it shiny and straight while eliminating frizz. Best of all, keratin hair treatments last several months so you can have a good hair day every day. Here are three tips to follow when getting a keratin hair treatment for the first time:

Be Prepared to Not Wash or Style Your Hair Afterward

The most important tip for making sure your keratin hair treatment is effective is to avoid washing or even styling your hair for a few days after the treatment. Washing your hair too soon can strip away the keratin before it has a chance to finish processing, which could ruin your results. Styling your hair with heat or even putting it up in a ponytail in those precious first few days can also diminish the effectiveness of your keratin treatment.

The exact time you need to leave your hair down and unwashed can vary depending on the exact type of keratin hair treatment you received, so be sure to ask your stylist.

Be Specific About What You'd Like

The type of keratin hair treatment and the strength of the formula used can vary a lot depending on the look you are going for. In some cases, you may be getting a keratin hair treatment because you want your hair to be perfectly straight. In other cases, you may want to eliminate frizz and gain shine, but also hold onto some of your natural wave or curl. At your hair consultation, be very specific about the look you're trying to achieve with your stylist.

Use Gentle Products After Your Treatment

You will likely want to buy new shampoo, conditioner, and styling products after your keratin hair treatment to protect your hair and make sure your treatment results last as long as possible. Your stylist will be able to recommend gentle, sulfate-free hair products that will protect your hair and keep it smooth and shiny from your keratin hair treatment for as long as possible.

If you aren't sure whether or not a keratin hair treatment is right for you, start by having a consultation at your favorite hair salon. Your stylist will evaluate your hair and help you decide whether or not to have the treatment done.