Treatments You Can Get At A Med Spa That You Might Not Get At A Regular Spa

Posted on: 27 September 2022


A medical spa is similar to a traditional spa or salon in that they offer you skincare and beauty treatments to help you feel better about the way you look and feel. Some treatments you can only get at a medical spa or get done at a traditional spa that features a medical specialist.

A med spa is a great choice for getting all your beauty treatments done. Here are just some of the treatments you can expect to get at a medical spa that you won't get at a traditional salon.

Lymphatic drainage

If you suffer from lymphatic issues, then getting lymphatic drainage treatments done can benefit you in big ways. You can get massages and special wraps and care to help draw toxins and fluids away from the body so you have a better range of motion, more comfort, and greater movement. Speak to your doctor before getting any medical spa treatments done if you suffer from medical concerns regarding lymphatic problems, diabetes, and other medical concerns regarding circulation and organ health.


Microneedling is another type of treatment that you may only be able to get at a medical spa. You can get microneedling done on your face, stomach, and other areas of your body to help reduce swelling, scarring, skin discoloration, and acne marks. You can receive a single treatment or have several treatments done over a period of time to give you the ultimate results you want.

Spider vein care

If you have unsightly spider veins that you have wanted to get rid of for a while, consider going to a medical spa to have them injected or otherwise treated. Smaller varicose veins may be able to be treated as well so long as they don't require surgery. If you have a blood clotting or circulation disorder, then speak to your doctor before getting any vein care, but in general, you should be able to go to a medical spa to have the more superficial veins taken care of so you can enjoy the way your legs, face, and other areas of your body look again.

Fat reduction or removal

Stubborn belly and other fat can be removed by going to a medical spa. You can work with a specialist to get custom care for your fat removal and transfer needs so you can sculpt your body and get the best results from your everyday workouts and healthy regime. A medical spa can help you look your best, so speak with a specialist about your options today.