Extend The Beauty: How To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Posted on: 26 October 2022


If you wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, it's time for a change. False eyelashes do give you the length you want for your lashes, but they're a temporary solution. Not only that, you need to reapply them every day. That's where eyelash extensions come into the picture. Eyelash extensions give you the length and volume you're looking for. Plus, they don't need to get reapplied on a daily basis. If you're going to have eyelash extensions applied, you'll need to give them extra care and attention. With the right care, your extensions will continue to look beautiful, day after day. 

Don't Rub Your Eyes

If you're going to invest in eyelash extensions, you'll want to keep your hands away from your eyes. This is especially important with regard to pulling and rubbing. Eyelash extensions can get damaged by rubbing and pulling. In fact, rubbing and pulling can loosen the extensions, which can cause them to fall out. Touching your eyelash extensions can also increase the risk of eye infections. Protect your eyelash extensions and your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and pulling on the extensions. 

Avoid Extreme Heat

If you have an appointment to get eyelash extensions, be sure to avoid the heat for a few days. Heat can damage your eyelash extensions. It can also cause your eyelash extensions to lose their curl. Some of the heat sources you should avoid include tanning beds, saunas, and blow dryers. If you do need to use a blow dryer on your hair, be sure to point the heat away from your face. Or, you can use the cool setting on your blow dryer. 

Watch the Makeup

If you've decided to get eyelash extensions, take care with makeup. This is especially important with regard to mascara. Leaving mascara on while you sleep can damage your eyelash extensions. But, so can using an eyelash curler once you've applied mascara to the extensions. To protect your extensions, remove the mascara before you go to bed. Also, avoid curling your extensions once you apply mascara. 

Clean the Lashes

If you're ready to have eyelash extensions applied, make sure you keep them clean. The best way to clean your extensions is to use an eyelash cleanser. Lather up a small amount of eyelash cleanser in your hands, and gently wash your extensions. Rinse your face with clear water. You can pat your face with a soft cloth to dry your eyelash extensions. You should wash your eyelash extensions at least once a day.