EMS Body Sculpting Treatments Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Pockets While Sculpting Your Muscles

Posted on: 17 January 2023


If you've worked hard to lose weight and build muscle, but you have plateaued and nothing seems to get rid of the last bit of fat around your abdomen, thighs, or upper arms, talk to a cosmetic doctor about having a body sculpting treatment. One treatment, known as EMS or electrical muscle stimulation, is popular for body sculpting since it can reduce fat pockets and build muscles in a single treatment.

Here's how EMS body sculpting treatments work. 

EMS Causes Rapid Muscle Contractions

EMS treatments are like exercising, except they cause muscle contractions that fire much more rapidly than you could do by lifting weights on your own. The rapid muscle contractions work to burn fat in the area, and at the same time, they build up muscle.

The treatments aren't painful, but they may be uncomfortable since they have an odd sensation. You can feel your muscles contracting, even when you're stretched out and relaxing on the treatment table.

You Can Treat Multiple Areas At Once

You can target a single problem area, such as your abdomen, or you can work your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs at the same time. The treatments are given by strapping a device to your body where you want the treatment to be done. The device is hooked up to a machine that sends an electrical impulse to the device and on through your skin where muscles are triggered. A single treatment lasts several minutes.

You'll probably see some results after the first treatment, but your doctor will probably recommend multiple treatments to get the best results and the look you want.

You Should Be Near Your Goal Weight

Like other body sculpting treatments, you need to be close to your goal weight or you may not get the results you want. When you do exercises by yourself, you can develop your abs, but if your abs are covered with fat, your muscles won't show.

EMS body sculpting treatments don't remove a lot of fat. They just remove pockets of fat and the final layer you can't get rid of with exercise. Once you've lost enough fat, your new sculpted muscles will show much more easily. You can then maintain your new look by having maintenance sessions, but ideally, you'll commit to a fitness program of healthy eating and exercise so you can maintain your best look naturally and then touch it up with EMS body sculpting treatments when you need them.

The good thing about EMS body sculpting treatments is that they require no downtime, and you shouldn't feel too sore the next day. That makes it easy to fit the treatments into your routine so you can finally have the sculpted body you've been working hard to get through diet and exercise.